Silviya always considered teaching and performing as two inseparable things.


Her private piano class consists of students from 10 different countries, Beginners to Diploma level and above, who regularly give performances and sit practical and theory exams.

Silviya is a Part Time Lecturer in Piano and Piano Pedagody at the Royal Concervatoire of Scotland and a visiting faculty at the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation, where she goes annuly to review their piano syllabus and theory classes.



Silviya's interest in teaching started very early when she was still at school. Being the oldest student of one of the most renowned teachers in Bulgaria she had the privilege to be allowed to attend and observe all of her teacher’s lessons.  At her last two years in High school she was also allowed to give suggestions and teach the youngest pupils alongside her teacher. This was a great inspiration and at age of 18, when Silviya was at her senior year, she took a professional qualifica­tion, being one of the very few students ever in the country to sit a state exam instead of just completing dissertation work.

There was no official textbook available for this exam so she had to research and write the 16 chapters. She did that in collaboration with her teachers and then went on to pass her qualification with distinction. In July the same year her teacher, Rositza Ivancheva, passed at the age of 82, making Silviya her last pupil and giving her a great legacy to carry. 

From that on, her performing and teaching always went hand in hand. While doing her BMus in Performance she started her piano class in Glasgow and attended trainings and workshops, exploring about different teaching styles and techniques (ABRSM or Trinity exam boards, the Kodály Method, the Eastern European system to name a few). Her aim became to combine the best of all systems into live and creative teaching technique. After she graduated her MMus in Performance, part of which was a Pedagogy Module, she went to India, where she was a teacher 'in-residence' at the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation in Mumbai, India. In her time at MMMF, Silviya had the chance to train students, teachers and external musicians, giving individual classes, group classes, master classes and workshops in piano, music theory, aural training, chamber music, accompaniment and teaching. She also created the syllabus and handbook for the piano classes at the foundation and started a theory programme for the piano students, creating the course and training the teachers for it.

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