Old pieces and new discoveries

In 2012 as part of RCS Piano Festival I took part in a piece written for 6 grand pianos (alongside fantastic colleagues, pianists at RCS). It was called Grand Pool’s Oven by Giovanni Bertelli. The performance was concentrated on exploring the sound that can travel from one grand piano to the next and the amazing range of dynamics we can achieve by multiplying our usual sound by six. The concert was recorded and added to a private link on YouTube for usage inside the department. (My favourite bit starts at 06:12min)

We never met the composer; I did not even know he was aware of our performance. Two years later because of a photo and few questions from a friend I actually made a search in Google to see if there is any official recording of the piece. How surprised I was to find out that Giovanni Bertelli had a website (out of date at the moment) and had a page for his 6-pianos piece with our performance as an official video at the page. Of course there is information about the piece, its movements and when it is written but our names are not mentioned. http://www.giovannibertelli.it/project/grand-pools-oven/

So here is my post, aiming to correct the mistake.

The performers were (as you can read at the end of the video but not on the website):

G. Bertelli - Grand Pool's Oven

1. Ciaccona

2. Canone

3. Toccata

4. Passacaglia

Conductor: Tom Wilson

Piano 1 – Flavia Casari

Piano 2 – Silviya Mihaylova

Piano 3 – Mohamed Shams

Piano 4 – Hanna Choi

Piano 5 – Kristi Kapten

Piano 6 – Ed Cohen

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