'Touche Bloquées' in San Francisco

Some wonderful news by Wendy Kirkup - Her film 'Touche Bloquées' has been selected by the Gaze curatorial team for their screening programme 'Certain Tension', to be shown in San Francisco in 2 days time. I am delighted for her and proud to be part of it with my performance of Ligeti Etude.


Quote about 'Touche Bloquées':

In this work Ligeti builds complex rhythmic textures of sound which weave together as the piece develops. The pianist’s performing body is foregrounded though the blocking, or holding down, of piano keys by one hand while the other plays over the top. This prohibits the sounding of the piano strings, enabling the sound of the fingers striking the keys to be heard through the stuttering rhythm that this technique creates. The holding down of the notes alternates both the sounding and silencing of the performers body and piano, in an act of placement and displacement.

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