ALUMNI CONCERTS SERIES at NSMDA “Dobrin Petkov”, Plovdiv Bulgaria

National school for music and dance art “Dobrin Petkov” is not just a school, but a home for everybody that has been part of it. In there one lives through the most emotional moments of one’s life – moments of achievements, moments of struggle, moments of real challenges and conquering great highs. People in the building on 23 Ivan Vazov Street are not just students and teachers, but true family and everyone that’s being part of that family remains part of it forever. NSMDA’s Alumni always carry the sparkle, which has been kindled in their hearts.

The title “Coming back home” is not just words, but a phrase with dearest meaning to every graduate. To share this feeling with friends and colleagues, performing favourite masterpieces, for audience that is close to you and compassionate is the moment when one is feeling more alive than ever! Summer concerts in NSMDA “Dobrin Petkov” are something more than just music, performed on a stage – this is a moment for the performers, given as a special gift to their audience, moment, which they can carry in their hearts for the whole of the next year – until they meet again.

Silviya gave her first piano recital in NSMDA ‘Dobrin Petkov’, Plovdiv at the age of 14 and she has continued to do so every year since. Since she left Bulgaria to study in Scotland, the concerts’ significance grew and nowadays they are traditional summer alumni concerts. Silviya is the organiser, director and performer at these concerts, collaborating with NSMDA Principal Mrs. Kunka Pancheva (from 2007-2010) and Principal Mrs. Neli Popova (2010 – Present). Silviya gathers musicians, alumni from NSMDA, currently studying all around Europe (UK, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria) for these concerts who, from their behalf, invite more collegues and friends to take part in the events. Each year the concerts are for charity, raising money for NSMDA ’Dobrin Petkov’. Silviya and NSMDA’s Governing Body are working on transforming this alumni concert into a festivals for classical music in Bulgaria. Young musicians who left to study or work abroad are coming once a year for this event to popularise classical music, including all of its contemporary forms and to inspire the next generation of musicians.

Some of the regular names on stage are Momchil Arabadjov (piano), Radimir Popov (piano), Nikola Kyosev (flute), Neli Necheva (soprano) and many more.

For further information, please visit: – the official website of the events (only in cirylic at the moment) – the official facebook page of the events

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